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Big Bend National Park

In early March 2007, Bud & I spent a few days at The Big Bend National Park at the invitation of Dave Van Inwagen, Whit Hibbard, and Samantha Schroeder. Whit and Samantha attended a Stockmanship School a couple of years ago and convinced the Park executives that there is a better way to corral and remove the trespass livestock that come into the park from Mexico. Bud & I spent a day and a half touring the park and seeing the problem areas first hand, then put on a half-day presentation for about 20 park employees. We received this telephone message a couple of days after we got home:

Phone message received from Whit Hibbard March 8, 2007

Do you remember where we had lunch last Saturday? . . . Samantha and I were on our way home from there when we spotted 5 critters: 4 horses and a mule. Within an hour Sam & I walked them into the catch pen, called for a trailer, caught them up, and hauled them home. That was pretty cool, we just did what you told us to do and it worked great. Now the people are all excited about getting down into the lower canyon to see what we can do. . . . .

E-mail message received March 9, 2007

There’s two things I neglected to mention in my phone message regarding the horse capture.

First, the trespass livestock coordinator and his day-hire from area ranches have tried off-and-on for years to capture those horses without success.

Second, if it had not been for your talk last Sunday I would not have even attempted to do it on foot. I’d have waited and come back the next day with park horses in the hopes of finding them (unlikely) and rounding them up, but your talk gave both me and Samantha the confidence to just go ahead and do it. Actually, I suspect it was easier on foot than it would’ve been on horseback because the horses had been chased before by horsebackers, but not footsters! I’ve attached a photo for your interest.

Addition on March 21:

On the 10th, they brought in another group of horses; on the 18th they brought in a nice bunch of cattle.