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Circle a Threat

Question: Bud mentioned on several occasions the animal’s desire to circle. Does this occur mainly when the animal is confined or feels unable to escape or would it occur in wide open spaces as well ?

Answer: An animal will circle anything it feels uneasy about.  In this way, it can keep its eye on it.  It depends on how sensitive the animal is as to how far away he feels it is necessary to watch you.  Remember the diagrams Bud drew of the flight zone and pressure area?  If you are outside of the pressure area the animal won’t pay any attention to you at all, if you are inside of it, it will likely move in such a way that it can continue to see you, which will cause it to circle.  Have you ever had a frightened deer run across the road in front of your car instead of turning its back on the car to run straight away?  We have, many times.  We were riding in vehicles that hit several kangaroos when we were in Australia just because they wouldn’t turn their back on the car.  They would first try to outrun the car, then they would curve right across in front.  When a horse shies at something it will first prick its ears and watch it, then sidle around, keeping his eyes on the object, then jump away in such a way that he can still see it.