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A Message From a Student

The family and I are in the Bryansk region of Russia working for Miratorg.  The area is close to the Belorussia and Ukraine borders.  It is part of the Black Soil bread basket of Europe.   The company is a Russian ag. company that is currently shipping thousands of head of cattle each month from Australia and US to restock the depleted beef cow herds.   We have over 56,000 hd on 18 ranches.  Last spring we AI bred over 42,000 hd in 30 days.  Miratorg has an English website with other information.   The facilities are built with a Bud Box to move cattle thru the chute.    Russians know what the Bud Box is and are doing a good job.   Miratorg is also building two new feedlots and a packing plant.    I can see the history of agriculture as I drive from village to village.  The old communist farms are barely standing. . . .