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Request for Success Stories

We enjoy the website so much I don’t know what we would do without it.  It is good to hear of others working through the same problems we are and it is good to hear the answers even if we’ve heard them several times before.  I realize that in this learning thing many of us are going through, that our successes do not come in great blazing revelations but rather in little, barely discernable increments and improvements that sometimes can only be recognized by looking back. This makes it a little hard to sit down and put our successes into a story but sometimes it would be nice to hear a little more of this.  Some do from time to time.  I don’t find it depressing at all to just read of problems because I often times have the same ones,  but maybe we could all put forth a little effort this way as a help and encouragement. 

You mentioned that the subject of creating good movement comes up more than anything and you know, you’ve heard plenty from me on slow gentle cattle.  Thank you for your patience in this for me and I’m sure everyone.  I think I skipped over this very important step too quickly in anticipation of greater things to come.  Well, there is no greater thing. I have sort of left all and returned to this part of creating good motion, and with this practice I seem to be finding that all those great things start to come together and work like they are supposed to.  Just a flatter angle, fewer steps and a lot more patience, and the willingness to settle for a hundred feet today and maybe farther tomorrow and I started to see them RESPOND.  Now that is something I can put into a story.  This response over a period of time is to the point that the other day I left the tractor that I feed with running at the gate, got out and turned the whole herd around and walked them away about a hundred yards.  Clumsy ?  yes. mistakes ? yes.  success ? YES !!!  This may not seem huge to some of you out there but I know you’ve been there to.  I do not write this as one who feels he has arrived but as one who is maybe just caught a enough of a glimpse to see the awesome potential of all this.  I will still have many questions but thanks again for now.  Keep at it everyone and Merry Christmas.