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Message from Australian Dogs

This is a letter that Grahame Rees forwarded to us.  Grahame teaches Low Stress Stock Handling in Australia

Subject: A message from Jed, Slim and Lachie at Coonamble

G’day Grahame,
We too want to join the queue of thankful canines regarding the recent LSS course our owner/trainer attended at Gunnedah. Since Jane’s return we seem to have done every procedure known to man on our mobs of ewes and lambs and have been in and out of the sheep yards for weeks
. She seems to have finally got it! All those plans to modify the shape of the sheep yards seem to have gone out the window….Jane has finally worked out (and it’s taken all these years!) that we need to send the mob down the opposite fence line to get stock from the big pen into the lead up yards. And also that she needs to stand up the front and leave us lads to work the back of the mob to get them in. We’re not even allowed to bark anymore and she mostly uses us just one at a time in the yards….now that’s a bit boring cause we were pretty competitive and used to race each other and get those sheep really moving!

Then there’s this T thing happening out in the paddock. It’s weird cause she keeps dropping back when she sends us round the side…recently she mustered a mob of 1,700 ewes and lambs just with Jed and would have got them beautifully through the gate had Lachie not arrived at that moment and chased them all back! Don’t worry, we sorted him out after that.
All that zig zag stuff and pressure/release and working on the lead that we’ve always done, Jane’s now taking the credit for it! Unbelievable!
Now there’s talk of altering the cattle yards to make the lead up pen square and the next batch of calves to be weaned are going to be run just over the fence from their mums. Honestly we’ve never seen so many changes around here, we’re on our best behaviour now in case we become redundant and get the axe.
. . . . .

Cheers and thanks for the heads up
The lads