Know Yourself

Posted March 28th, 2020 — Filed in Miscellaneous

What a pleasure it was to talk to Erik Tucker (Colorado) on the phone yesterday. He was full of good news and enthusiasm, a big difference from the doom and gloom I’ve been hearing from all sides lately. I asked if he would put some of his good thoughts in writing for our website. 

Well I sure liked to visit with you.  Reading the book [“Smile and Mean it“] has shown me more of myself, after I get it all read I think I will know more about all of us. Two weeks ago I was at a loss not sure where to be or what to do about anything, your book just turned up. I had time, so I started reading, not an easy thing to put down so I didn’t, just kept reading. Not sure when it was I just started to see how I should change things for myself (BECAUSE I COULD). Somethings became clear, and I had the answers just not the questions. Well the questions started to come out as I just read and relaxed understanding more about who I am and where to go from here.

So forward I go with some better intersession from myself, having a life time with depression and anxiety and all the things it’s good for, I think it’s great to have somebody care enough to tell a story that can recharge, revive, redirect my life long interest with stock, ranching, grazing, and marketing.

Glad you got it done.


We Like the Book

Posted March 25th, 2020 — Filed in Marketing, Testimonials

This is part of a letter I just received from Curt and Patty Epler. They ranch near Cheyenne, Wyoming. (Reprinted with their permission)

Hello,  I just finished our book (“Smile and Mean it”) yesterday. Picked it up and could not put it down.

I laughed, cried, thought, learned and totally enjoyed every page. Thanks for putting in the time and effort.  All of your numbers on schools, dogs, meetings, places you have lived, etc. got me thinking. Since we started using Bud’s marketing, we  have sold and bought over 85,000 head of cattle. Every trade was sell-buy. It enabled us to pay for this ranch and live an unbelievably amazing life.

Our success comes from never trying to ‘tweak’ what you and Bud were teaching. We took the basics, worked on them and got really good results.

“Smile and Mean it” Books Shipping Now!

Posted March 17th, 2020 — Filed in Miscellaneous

We finished editing, ordered a final test book, approved it, ordered 120 books, and they have arrived!!

Tina and Richard came over, and we mailed out the pre-orders and books to my grandkids. Now I’m sending out orders as soon as I receive them.

Since many of us are “sheltering in place,” here’s something for you to read!

Lots of books to send your way!
I will sign each book!
Books, labels, envelopes, and tape all ready to get books ready to ship.

The first pre-orders all ready for the postal person to pick up!

Dolly says, “Here’s your books folks!”

Click here for ordering information.

If you’d like to order a Smile and Mean it shirt (see example right), check out my granddaughter’s website here!

Note from Tina: I wear mine every shopping trip (about once every week or week and a half) and point it out at every transaction to encourage folks to “Smile and Mean it!”

And, as you go about your day during these challenging times, remember to Smile and Mean it!

“Proper Livestock Marketing 101”

Posted March 16th, 2020 — Filed in Marketing

In the process of collecting material for a book about Mom and Dad’s life, I (Tina) realized the depth and importance of material on the subscription website written by Dad about livestock marketing. I had read them all at the time Dad wrote them, but hadn’t re-read them recently. Also, the process of reading through the posts on the website starting with the earliest ones is a little tedious (at best).

In talking with Mom and Richard, we tried to think of the best way to distribute Dad’s writings about marketing. We decided to transcribe the marketing DVD for the introduction to Dad’s marketing techniques and then include almost all of the posts from the website on the topic of marketing in a form that’s much easier to read and digest. You can even make notes on the margins!

The name we chose for the book, “Proper Livestock Marketing,” is taken from Dad’s repeated reference to the word “proper” to describe his marketing thought process just as he used it to describe his stockmanship.

Along with the 340 page, spiral bound book, buyers will receive a thumb drive with all the livestock marketing excel files Richard and I have developed along with access to the Hand ‘n Hand website for updates and videos explaining their use (a $225 value!). We have also designed and included some paper worksheets for those who want or need to do the work by hand.

Lifetime access to the website (a $200 value!) will also come with the book.

To order your book

The price of the book is $400 U.S. which includes postage to U.S. locations. For orders to Canada, please include an additional $25 U.S. For orders to Australia, please include an additional $35 U.S.

Click here and scroll to the bottom of this new page for ordering information.