“Handle Issues in the Present”

Posted June 29th, 2013 — Filed in Testimonials

Let me share something-I just went thru 2 days of continuing education for accountants in Chicago this week. The presenters had many points that related to what you and Bud advocate in life. They specifically advocated thinking about the present moment in what we try to manage and change. We control our thoughts and no one else does in life. When we release all the constraints, hangups, and distractions, it is amazing how peaceful we can become with ourselves. We become more observant, specifically with animals and people. We deal with our employees better when we handle issues with them in the present. Bud was a master at this and I specifically mentioned Bud twice in the 2 days. Bud was a true gift to us. You and Bud truly have touched my life, even though sometimes I am a little dense.

Northern California Still Remembers Bud

Posted June 28th, 2013 — Filed in Testimonials

I was in Eureka, CA last week.  I did not mention Buds name, but any time you do something on livestock handling people relate it to Bud Williams.  The folks that visited about it spoke very highly of you two.  I did not realize that is the area you spent time in.  Most of the time when I get to an area of someone that has been successful, there is negative talk or jealousy.  It was real nice to hear the nice opinions about someone you look up to.

“Placing” Animals on a Small Acrerage

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Question:   Is it possible to place sheep and cattle on small acreage and have them stay in the areas you want grazed. We have 137 acres and about 10 cows. We are also interested in sheep, and just wondered on this size place if Bud’s handling methods would allow us to place the animals for rotational grazing or if we had to fence paddocks to rotational graze.

Answer:   In order to rotationally graze such a small area you will have to use fences in order to protect the grasses that were previously grazed.  Bud’s methods will certainly help to make them comfortable wherever you put them and allow you to use areas they didn’t previously  want to graze..
Go to our website  www.stockmanship.com and click on the HERDING button on the left side.  Especially read “My Two-cents Worth” posted July 12th, 2009 which gives examples of some of the places that we have done this.

New Videos

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I was very fortunate to attend your Stockman Ship School in Wyoming a few years ago and I loved every minute of it, but it is hard to retain all of the information given out during the two days. So, I have been excited and looking forward to getting the videos as soon as you had them available. I have watched about 30 minute of each one and I have already had several answers to questions I didn’t know I had….Aha!

I know I will watch the videos over and over for years to come. I often ask myself, “What would Bud say or do?” Now I can watch and learn and relearn when I forget.

 I want to thank you so much for the work and time you both put into these videos to capture and retain a lifetime of knowledge and experience.