Comments from one of our Students

Posted February 24th, 2012 — Filed in Stockmanship, Testimonials

Testimonial: . . . . [husband] left the banking business two years ag o this month and we have been in the cattle business full time since then. My dad wanted to quit running cattle so we were able to lease about 1500 acres of native grass pasture from him to run yearlings. We also have cows and some yearlings on pastures that have been in [husband’s] family. We had been running cattle on this acreage since 1985 . . . . .

The first year was a learning experience. We didn’t get any yearlings in until mid December as [husband] was still at the bank until mid January, the weather was bad, we had never done anything of this scale, we were together all day but we made it and before the second set of yearlings started coming in the fall of 2010, I had laid in bed at night with a small DVD player watching your DVD! It had belonged to one of our sons and was well used so it would not start from where you stopped but only from the beginning (more…)

“Farming is So Fun!”

Posted February 13th, 2012 — Filed in Marketing, Testimonials

Hi Bud and Eunice. I have been wanting to talk to you for a while but I thought I would wait and see how things shook out for us.

This has been an exciting winter. Everyone wants to talk about cows, I want to talk about feed. We have been working hard at saving our feed for the winter months to make it possible for us to carry dry bred cows if the opportunity presented itself. People were sick about seeing all the grass going to waste, and even asking if they could use it if we weren’t going to. We just told them we were letting it recover and the cows would eat it this winter. We picked up 80 or so bred cows this winter for $950, and put them out on that wasted grass. We had no idea our neighbors kept such good track of us until one said, (more…)