Mike Rowe Celebrating Dirty Jobs

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Kim Komando had this as her video pick of the day. It is nearly 20 minutes long but well worth watching the whole thing.


There must be a neater way to send you the address, but this will work.

The Effect of Emotion on Risk Decisions

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Lately it has been brought to my attention that Ann has shut down her commodity futures business because of the M-F Global bankruptcy.  This posting isn’t about Ann it is about what is happening and how we should react to things that happen in the business world.

Bankruptcies happen in every industry from time to time and it doesn’t mean the end of that particular industry, only the end of that business. There have been many ranch bankruptcies over the years and yet ranching has survived.  What this should cause us to do is not quit but just understand what should be done before we invest money or time in something we know little about.

There is risk in any business and the amount of money put in any high risk business should equal the knowledge that we have about that business. Any money that is put in high risk situations should be money the person can afford to lose.  People put money in high risk situations they know very little about and then complain if they lose money.

In a perfect world there would be no risk, but in the real world there is some risk in everything. Every industry has some people who do things that should not be done, legal or otherwise, this doesn’t mean that the rest of the industry should or will cease to exist.  Actually the M-F Global bankruptcy may be a good thing as now it will get rid of M-F Global and bring people’s attention to some of the thing that were happening and allow or cause some firms to watch things closer.  Out of every bad thing that happens there are good things that come from it.

I say these things even though Eunice and I had money in M-F Global and may or may not get all of it back. This was the risk we took and was money we could afford to lose or it would not have been there.  We will keep trading as the industry is as sound as any industry and will last longer than the people who are complaining about it.

Remember, high risk things have the potential of large profits or large losses.

New Mexico Testimonial

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We run a family ranch (cow/calf operation) in northeastern New Mexico.  My whole family and I have attended Bud’s Stockmanship workshops (actually, my parents have been twice).  We have learned so much, and appreciate you and Bud more than you know.  When my grandfather (who had run the ranch all his life) died in 2002, we were left with an overstocked ranch full of wild and spoiled cattle.  Disposition was our #1 culling criteria.  Bud’s low-stress cattle handling was one of our main tools in transitioning to a gentle and workable cow herd.  Today, I am proud to say, that we have achieved that goal!  The difference from when we started is incredible.  Working cattle is now minimally stressful on the cows, as well as the crew!  We thank you all so much for your help in this achievement.

Sheepdog Trial Pens

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I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciated your help adjusting my set out pen for my sheepdog trial. (I had sent you the drawing and you returned it with the gates and pens in the right places.) We couldn’t get it exactly but were able to set it up close enough to make the gates and pens work the way you suggested.

We are very fortunate in that the sheep arrive 2 days before the trial and can graze the field while we are busy setting up. They get their scent on the field and get used to all the commotion. Usually they sleep in the penning and shedding area, not normally an area associated with relaxation. Anyway, we were able to train the sheep through the set out pens two days before the trial, with no time deadline and no spectators. We then ran them through one more time the day before with the set out crew on their horses. We were able to train 3 new people to your methods and the response was fantastic (in both the helpers and the sheep!). Set-out during the trial went smooth as silk and this year our sheep were probably the best we’d ever run.

But the highlight of the weekend was when I was all by myself, clearing the sheep off the field to put them away for the night. No one was around, the sky was absolutely spectacular with clouds and the sun’s rays lighting up the sheep. I sent my dog (who isn’t a very good trial dog -she really doesn’t like it) and she did the most beautiful outrun around the whole field, started her sheep at the top and brought all 280 in a perfect line to me without saying a word, no whirling, no worrying, no nothing but a nice steady walk in. There is no better reward for all the work than to see your dog do a perfect job all by herself.

So, thank you for answering an email from a perfect stranger. I am sure it helped make the days a little less stressful for the sheep and the crew!

A Testimonial from Texas

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Thanks for the Stockmanship class.

The other day I had a 1260# steer just walk into a stock trailer out in the pasture.