"Bud Box"

Posted July 14th, 2010 — Filed in Miscellaneous, Stockmanship

There have been a lot of articles written about the “Bud Box” for loading a processing chute or trucks in the last few years.  Though Bud has often stated that he “would like to live long enough to see every crowd tub replaced with a Bud Box, or at least with some other system that is more animal friendly,” we view these articles with mixed emotions since unless you understand the right way to work it, it doesn’t work as well as it should. I used to try to discourage people from building a Bud Box unless they had been to one of our schools or had seen the DVDs that we have for sale, but there has been such wide-spread coverage (including some information that is not correct) that I decided to post some information here on our website.

When designing a Bud Box (more…)

Cattle Guards

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Bud and I just received this from an Australian Friend

 For those of you who have never travelled to the west,  cattle guards are horizontal steel rails placed at fence openings, in dug-out places in the roads adjacent to highways (sometimes across highways), to prevent cattle from crossing over that area.

 A few months ago, Kevin Rudd received a report that there were over 10,000 cattle guards in New South Wales & Queensland. Graziers had protested his proposed changes in grazing policies, so he ordered the Minister to fire half of the “cattle guards”  immediately!!

Before the Minister could respond and presumably try to straighten him out, Minister for Employment Julia Gillard, intervened with a request that.. “before any cattle guards were fired, they be given six months of retraining.”

 And they are running our country, OMG!!

A Letter from Missouri

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This is part of a letter from Tina, our daughter.  She and her husband Richard McConnell teach Low Stress Livestock Handling.  See their webpage at www.handnhandlivestocksolutions.com.

. . . We are finally getting caught up from the Provenza Short Course and then speaking last Wednesday! Whew! The Short Course was really great. It was nice to visit with Bruce Maynard also.   [Bud and I met Bruce when he attended Stockmanship Schools that we put on in Australia in 1999 and in 2002.  He also visited us in Texas for a One-on-One.]   He taught stockmanship stuff to the group while they were out at the experiment farm every morning doing their research stuff. . . . Bruce gave Dad full credit for everything he taught from the beginning. And, Fred Provenza mentioned Dad’s work a lot during his talks, both the stockmanship and the marketing. We thought Bruce did a very good job with what he taught. He did the straight lines, T to the gate, NOT being a predator, etc. I didn’t hear/see anything that wasn’t right from what Dad teaches. He had some great demonstration items too. At one point the group of about 10 of us were standing by this pen of lambs. He had us get in a straight line fairly near their pen, then had the ends move out into a curve around the lambs, and you could immediately tell they got uncomfortable with that. Very good demo of what the curves do mentally, above and beyond pressuring those outer animals so they have no where to go. . . .