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There are so many negative things that are brought to our attention every day that it is getting harder for anyone to stay calm and not be bothered by these things. Try to remember, for every negative there is probably a positive. We don’t have to ignore the negative but it does no good to let it keep us upset all the time. If a negative situation bothers you then work to  find a solution.

When you have something that is not working well, figure some way to solve the problem or eliminate it. It does no good to just complain and keep doing what doesn’t work. Many times the negative things are just different and only a problem if we don’t change what we are doing.

Bud Box

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Comment:  . . . . At long last we are building a barn and getting ready to begin on the pens. Redesigned the pens completely after my weekend with you and built a trial set out of panels it works great. I am a true convert to the Bud Box. . . .

Sparring with the Neighbors

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Can you feel better about your marketing decisions when neighbors look at you like you lost your mind?  For the past two weeks the casual conversation is “how’s the wheat? And have you turned out on any?”  When I tell them my wheat is doing super and No, I sold all my calves I had ready to turn out.  They give me a look like I have lost my mind.  I just spent the last month weaning and preparing these calves for wheat pasture and I up and (more…)

Hate and Happiness

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Are people forgetting how to be happy or have they already forgotten? There is all this talk about how bad things are. Nobody seems to realize that the homeless live better today than many people did during the 1930 to1940 period. During that time very few complained at all.  Now, very few stop complaining. During my life we have had a president every year.  Some were not very good and the others were worse, but they were elected by the people so they must have been what the people thought they wanted.

Seventy years ago about half of the people liked the president and about that many disliked the president. Things have changed, now about 50% like the president and the rest hate (more…)