Money Mgmt. Testimonial

Posted October 30th, 2009 — Filed in Marketing, Testimonials

It’s funny that you write about borrowed money today [on the subscription site].  You described me in your writings.  I wanted to be big and big time.  Thank goodness I woke up before it was too late.  Five years ago I built a nice set of working pens, tub and chute and borrowed 100% to do it and the bank wanted to loan me more.  About three years ago is when I woke up broke, I was simply living off my balance sheet and the fact that my real estate had appreciated faster than my stupidity.  My wife and I came to a (more…)

Bowie to Nebraska via Oklahoma

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Bud and I made a trip to Nebraska last week.  Stopped at Dale and Mary Moore’s feedlot near Gage, Oklahoma on the way.  Not sure why I didn’t take any pictures there.  Bud showed them some things about working new cattle and also helped them design a new processing area.

 Mike-Bud 72dpi

We spent an interesting couple of days with Mike Wickersham at his ranch in NW Nebraska.  Bud and Mike worked some cattle but first, they had to pull porcupine quills out of a filly’s nose.


Visit with Ian Mitchell-Ennes

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Bud and I were pleased to have a visit from Ian Mitchell-Ennes last Tuesday.  Ian is an HRM educator from South Africa.  He is in the United States putting on classes.  As you might expect, Bud and Ian hit it off right away.

Bud Eunice Ian72dpi

Good News

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Bud and Eunice,
I would just like to thank you guys for being good news.  I have made a point of not looking at all the things that the people around me look at and see about the cattle markets.  In doing so I have begun to realize just how negative they are, they are always in a down market even when they possess the most over valued animal I can find.  I do not have to sell any animal at a loss there is always away to turn it back to a profit.  The problem is not a lack of opportunity it is a lack of flexibility, a lack of willingness.  The market is the market and the weather is the weather.  We have a licence to learn and a teacher for insight and encouragement.

Stockmanship Down Under

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This is an e-mail that we received from our good friends, Jim and Terry Lindsay from Queensland, Australia.

A number of years ago Terry and I were in Western Australia doing some Stockhandling schools and had a particular school cancelled because of no suitable venue due to dry seasons.
The managers of Mardie Station Richard and Lindy Climas were approached by the organizer, and with a days notice,  they agreed to supply some cattle if we could manage to camp and hold the school in the old shearers shed. Which we did.
Richard attended that school and went on to attend another the following year and then hosted a school at Mardie the year after that. Richard is someone who just gets on with doing things. (more…)

October 1-3 Stockmanship-Plus School

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I was complaining about the people who signed up for our September School and then didn’t show up or let me know they weren’t coming.  This time I allowed myself to be talked in to “just one more” and everyone came.  I guess that shows that I’m never satisfied. 

I’m not sure just who to blame for the fact that I forgot to take any pictures.    

  Yaremko 72dpi

Andrew and Erin Yaremko from Alberta, Canada stayed for a One-on-One after the school and I did get a picture of them.  They are a great young couple and we wish them all the best.