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It has been just over a year now since we started using the handling facility that you helped me with. I am dropping you a line and sending a few clips of it in operation. Working with animals in it is nothing short of a joy. My son [9-years old] in the Bud box put nearly 200 9-month old calves through on this day with our dogs and I didn’t have to help him once. When people see it without animals in it they say animals will never go into the run in that corner, but when any one sees it in action they are amazed. . . . . I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with you folks, not a day goes by that I don’t use things I’ve learned from you. . .


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Skill is the ability to do something really well. This is nearly lost in our society today. Everyone is in such a hurry that very few will take the time to develop or learn the skill needed to do a good job. Today, people want to make lots of money (more…)