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There are old industries and new industries. To own a business in one or the other can be very interesting. It also could be very difficult. That will depend on the owner, manager and person or people doing the work. This could be one person or many. They will make it interesting and profitable or very difficult. It will not be the outside forces that determine this.

Any business that is producing a product that people need or want or think they want, if prepared, will still be in operation long after all others are gone. This is true with old or new industries. An old business that has gone into decline can almost always (more…)


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Much has been written and spoken about low stress ways to work animals. In the May issue of SGF there was an excellent article about animal husbandry. I would like to add some of my thoughts to it.

Seventy years ago we spent lots of time with our animals. Everything was done by hand. The animals were fed by a person not with a machine. The young people also worked. We helped clean the barn until we learned to do it right. We helped feed the animals until we learned (more…)