Cost of Gain

Posted May 5th, 2008 — Filed in Bud's Musings

This is what it costs to put on a pound of gain, what it costs to produce something like a calf or lamb. It is really important to know your cost. Always add a reasonable profit to the cost. Breakeven may sound good but it is hard to stay in business without a profit. If we know our cost, the price of our product, the price of our replacement or the cost for us to produce it, then it will be simple to be profitable.

Sell-buy marketing is something everybody uses. Yet almost everyone thinks buy-sell. The livestock industry allows or encourages us to think buy-sell. Because animals gain weight and/or (more…)

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

Posted May 1st, 2008 — Filed in Bud's Musings

So simple. So important. Yet today it is almost totally ignored. Years ago people made very little money compared to today. Also, sometimes work was very hard to find. Even with this, they still saved. That was very important, because to buy almost anything they had to pay full price, not just make a down payment and so much a month.

As the years went by, it got easier to find work. People made more money. Then a wonderful thing happened. It was possible to buy anything with a small down payment. Then it did not seem important to save anymore. There was no need to wait until we saved enough (more…)