Posted February 2nd, 2008 — Filed in Bud's Musings

What should we copy? When should we copy? This is used now as a way to learn more and more. How good or helpful is it? About 70 years ago my dad said never let what your neighbor is doing run your farm. Then he let me think about that for a while. He always thought there was a better understanding after thinking things through for yourself. Then he explained it this way.

While what the neighbor was doing may work well with what he was doing. Maybe it would not work as well with what we were doing. For something to help it must fit with the other things we do. Bits and pieces only help if they fit with the bits and pieces already there. So unless you are willing to change everything it might not help to just change one part. Being willing to change everything does not mean changing everything. It just means that if necessary (more…)

Grass Farm

Posted February 1st, 2008 — Filed in Bud's Musings

You are a grass farmer, or you want to be one. This is a very good way to live and enjoy what you do. How do we get to be or continue being a grass farmer? First and most important is to be profitable. Without a profit, it is very difficult to do what is needed or to enjoy the work. Spending more than we make is not much fun. Politicians like to, but that is because they are spending someone else’s money.

What is necessary to be sure of a profit?

1.Knowledge of the land we have and what it can produce.
2.Knowledge of what we want to or will raise and how (more…)