To Learn How to Learn, Try Teaching

Posted January 4th, 2008 — Filed in Bud's Musings

Allan asked if I would write something for the SGF occasionally, so here I am, trying to figure out what to write about and how to best do it. How can something be so difficult? For some people, writing is easy and enjoyable. Maybe it’s because they know how and/or they just like to write. When people start something new or try to do something they know very little about, it is usually difficult to do and then it doesn’t take long until it is not enjoyable.

But, let’s get back to writing. What should it be about? There is no way to teach someone how to work animals better in a short article. In fact it is hard to teach anything in short bits and pieces. So, why don’t we talk or maybe write about teaching?

Actually to teach is in two parts. One is teaching and the other is learning. It is difficult to teach if no one wants to learn or even (more…)

Time, How Important is it?

Posted January 3rd, 2008 — Filed in Bud's Musings

Without time we have nothing. In business making a profit is very important. Therefore time may be our most important asset. And it is quite likely the least understood. Most people are only concerned about how long it takes to do something, while taking more time might be more profitable. Now we will spend any amount of money on equipment or other improvements that we hope or think will allow us to do things faster. This does not mean it will be better or maybe even faster.

When we work with animals they do not always want it done faster or in less time. What it will cost us to save the small amount of time may be much more than what (more…)

People and Animals

Posted January 2nd, 2008 — Filed in Bud's Musings

After spending most of my life working with and trying to understand animals, I’ve spent the last 20 years working with and trying to teach people. I now realize that working animals is as much about life as it is about getting a job done. In order to work animals we must tell them what we want them to do. The better we communicate what we want, the better the animals work for us. This is also true with people; the better we communicate what we want, the better people respond. The more personal (more…)

Grass Finish

Posted January 1st, 2008 — Filed in Bud's Musings

This is not something new. Ever since the first person ate an animal, we have eaten grass finished animals. In fact, at one time almost everything was grass finished. Grain feeding animals is reasonably new. It mainly came about as a way to market grain. Transportation was slow and very expensive, so it worked well to feed animals and sell them. Not only did it help the people growing grain, but the livestock owners also liked it. Now they had a very easy way to sell (more…)