Work, is it Really That Bad?

Posted August 14th, 2007 — Filed in Bud's Musings

Tt seems like everything is about doing less work, or how hard work is. Work should be satisfying and enjoyable to us, then doing less or how hard it is will not be on our mind. If our work is enjoyable, we could spend more time and learn how to do it better, then it will be less work and not nearly as hard.

If we choose to work at something, that should be because we really want to do that, more than any other job. If that is true then why would we want to get done in less time? It is good to do many things and experience new things, yet the work we choose should be (more…)

Right or ? ? ? ?

Posted August 2nd, 2007 — Filed in Bud's Musings

“Wrong” is not a good word to use. We should say “Right” or “Not quite Right.” When something is not quite right we can fix it and make it right. When we say something is wrong, it stays wrong because that is what we said it was. Even if we fix it, it was still wrong at one time because we said so.

There was a time when young people were allowed to, or had to fix things that were not right. Here is an example – When I was 5 and my sister was 7 years old, we were driving the (more…)


Posted August 1st, 2007 — Filed in Bud's Musings

Today, people are really into “control” with animals. Some control is necessary but how we get it and what kind of control we use is very important. There are several ways to control and sometimes we should use more than one way. Building more fences can be very helpful or just more expensive. Stronger and higher corrals can help or just add to the expense and should not be necessary. Using feed to move animals may help but there are times when it doesn’t work or times when it just makes things worse. Working our animals better can really help but it will take some time and effort from us to learn how and then we must do it. All of these things have good points and possible problems so your decision (more…)