Work Happy

Posted July 21st, 2007 — Filed in Bud's Musings

I was just invited to attend my high school class reunion.  I don’t know why they would ask me, they are all normal, successful people.  I say “all” there were only 13 to start with.  I guess they just wanted to get a good look at the class failure.  The teacher that I respect the most in my life made the comment that he always considered me his greatest failure because he couldn’t talk me into going to college.  That got me to thinking (more…)

The Round Rocks

Posted July 16th, 2007 — Filed in Bud's Musings


The Round Rocks (above) are my most valuable (and only) collection. They came about while I was trying to teach people to work cattle. Most people, when working livestock are looking at the wrong things or not looking at all. While trying to get people to quit looking at the ground and watch the animals, they would say that they had to see where they were going or they might fall down. I would say “If you open your eyes and see everything instead of focusing on individual things, you will be able to see what all of the animals are doing and still be able to see the ground well enough to be able to tell that this rock is round,” as I reached down to pick (more…)

Question about Gathering

Posted July 13th, 2007 — Filed in Stockmanship


I just come across an article [by Temple Grandin]. The more I read the more confused I get.

I don’t understand this concept of “loosely bunched”. May be it is what I am doing and I don’t recognize it. I don’t remember that you ever mentioned it. (more…)


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Learning is the road to understanding. The problem is, most people stop at the first little hill or at the first corner. There was a time when young people were taught things. They were taught discipline, to start and finish a job, to do things right or at least the best they could and not quit until it was right. When young people are not taught how to learn, they copy. This is not bad but it does develop bad habits. When we copy, there is no patience or discipline required. Most people like this. When people are copying (more…)

Global Warming

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We have heard from all of the smart and educated people, maybe it’s time to hear from an uneducated person. The only difference is that I will admit that I don’t know anything about Global Warming. Since I really know nothing about it, there are a few questions and comments I’d like to make. If it’s going to get warmer, can even one of them tell us how much warmer? If it gets warmer, will it hurt more people than it helps? Nearly everything (more…)


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Marketing is a very simple concept, but people really like to make it complex and difficult. First, we should understand what we are selling. It could be feed. It could be animals. It could be our labor. It could be our skill at various parts of what we sell. Most of the time when we are selling animals it is just a way to market our feed. Sometimes we are raising animals that have a special purpose or use, and then it’s the animals, not the feed that is most important. Maybe we are taking animals and doing something that increases their value. Now we are really selling our skill. If you are selling your (more…)


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We in the livestock industry should keep a proper balance of assets which are:

1. Money
2. Feed
3. Animals

If we start out with money and we use some of it to buy land that will grow feed, we will have feed to sell. This feed can be grain or hay or pasture. The grain can be sold. The hay can be sold, and the pasture can be custom-grazed to generate income. Or we can use it to feed our own animals. When we use animals as a way to sell our feed, the proper balance of our assets (more…)