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Eunice Williams
1519 E Erie St, Apt #206
Springfield, MO 65804


Month: May 2007


Most people would like to have a crystal ball and be able to know what the future will be. Recently, a psychic magazine went broke. When asked, the owner said “We didn’t see it coming.” People in agriculture are also searching for a way to foretell the future. We use

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It is interesting to me that people today complain about almost everything. When we get up in the morning it is a good day or a bad day. We are happy or unhappy. Only we can decide that. Other people can’t. It is up to us . . . It

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Many years ago a rancher wanted me to start a young horse, and then he wanted it sold.  One day as I was working with this horse, Eunice asked me what its name was.  I said “He doesn’t have a name, but we will only have him for a short

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