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Most people would like to have a crystal ball and be able to know what the future will be. Recently, a psychic magazine went broke. When asked, the owner said “We didn’t see it coming.”

People in agriculture are also searching for a way to foretell the future. We use “cycles,” and of course the best and most reliable, the local “Coffee Shop.” Today I’m writing about Cycles, Coffee Shops may come later.

Cycles tell what happened in the past. The past can tell us what might happen but not when. We already know that something will happen. If we don’t know when, then it doesn’t really help. Cycles are used to help people guess what the markets will do. If you are in business, it is difficult to operate profitably (more…)


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It is interesting to me that people today complain about almost everything.

When we get up in the morning it is a good day or a bad day. We are happy or unhappy. Only we can decide that. Other people can’t. It is up to us . . . It can be bad or good . . . Our decision.

During the 1930’s many people were poor, some were very poor. Almost no one on farms complained. We seldom went hungry, because we raised or grew what we ate. Everyone worked long days, and they worked hard. They were happy and accepted (more…)


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Many years ago a rancher wanted me to start a young horse, and then he wanted it sold.  One day as I was working with this horse, Eunice asked me what its name was.  I said “He doesn’t have a name, but we will only have him for a short time so he doesn’t need one.”  Eunice disagreed and said “We have to call him something.”  Now that seemed like a strange name, but what Eunice wants, she gets.  So I named him “Something.” 

After a month or two we sold the horse.  The buyer didn’t like the name that Eunice gave it so he renamed him Blaze.  About four years later Eunice went with the vet to worm some horses and there was this horse and his name was back to being “Something.”

I bring this story up because when we give a name to a thing it seems to stick.  Right now we have things going on (more…)