Big Bend National Park

Posted March 21st, 2007 — Filed in Highlights

In early March 2007, Bud & I spent a few days at The Big Bend National Park at the invitation of Dave Van Inwagen, Whit Hibbard and Samantha Schroeder. Whit and Samantha attended a Stockmanship School a couple of years ago and convinced the Park executives that there is a better way to corral and remove the trespass livestock that come into the park from Mexico. Bud & I spent a day and a half touring the park and seeing the problem areas first hand, then put on a half-day presentation for about 20 park employees. We received this telephone message a couple of days after we got home:

Phone message received from Whit Hibbard March 8, 2007

Do you remember where we had lunch last Saturday? . . . Samantha and I were on our way (more…)