Cattle Rush the Gate

Posted December 13th, 2005 — Filed in Stockmanship

October 25, 2005 . . . . I live in Australia and have been cell grazing for the past 18 months. . . . . My immediate problem is that I run between 600 – 800 head of cattle on a four thousand two hundred acre property. In one cell I have dry cows, steers, weaners, heifers and for the last 18mths have had no trouble. I have quiet moves, no running, the cattle follow me quietly to the next paddock then go off and graze. I am able to walk through the mob while they graze checking if any individual animal needs attention. Just recently, as soon as they hear my bike they run from out of the hills. It’s like disturbing a rat’s nest. After four years of drought, this is the best season we have had for a long time, there is more feed now (more…)

Stockmanship School in Bowie, Texas

Posted December 3rd, 2005 — Filed in Highlights

We just finished a 2-day Stockmanship School here at home. I’m afraid I lured some “Northern” folks to attend this school promising them some warm Texas weather. They will probably never believe anything I say again.

December 8, the day before the school, we broke the “cold” record for this part of the country. Eleven degrees, I think. Day 1 of the school wasn’t much better.